Best Country Flag License Plates

Best Country Flag License Plates

A license plate is a simple metal or plastic piece attached to any vehicle for identification purposes. The vehicle registration number is displayed on the license plate, and all countries approve these plates for all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, bikes, and buses. While some countries have framed strict rules regarding the framing of license plates, some countries have license plates designed according to the taste of the vehicle owner. Read about some of the best country flag license plates available for different vehicles.

Materials Used For License Plates

In the early times, license plates were made of porcelain and baked onto iron, making the plates fragile. Later cardboard, leather, plastic, and other materials were also used. During the war times, copper was introduced to make license plates. Until the 20th century, the plates had dimensions according to the manufacturer's ease, but now the standard maintained by America is 305 mm*152 mm or 12"*6".

Best Country Flag License Plates

Some people love to have their country flags for their license plates. At Mirror Magic Gifts, we have designed custom engraved license plates with 6"X12" dimensions. The license plates have a high-quality and detailed photographic image of the desired flag and custom text. The license plates are durable and thick gauge aluminum material resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

Some of the Country Flag License Plates Available

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • USA
  • Puerto Rico
  • Italy
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic


At Mirror Magic Gifts, we specialize in making custom country flag license plates with text engraved on the plates. If you want to have a customized license plate, you need to talk with our designers and share your ideas. Contact us for more information.