How Is Mirrored Acrylic Made?

How Is Mirrored Acrylic Made?

When using glass for decoration purposes or others for your house, there is a chance that the glass will break, and at this point, acrylic is a perfect alternative. No matter what project, acrylic mirror sheet collection can be customized according to your need and usage for your house or project. Acrylic mirror is the safest alternative for rigid and delicate glass mirrors. Mirrored acrylic is only half the weight of glass yet is many times more resistant to breakage and impact. Best of all, a plastic mirror sheet can be easily cut or shaped to fit a frame and any particular set of needs. Once you have started to use mirrored acrylic, you won't be disappointed with the quality of the chosen material and will recommend it to your friends. There are many doubts regarding mirrored acrylic on how it is made. Read on the article to know how is mirrored acrylic made.

What Is Acrylic Mirror?

Acrylic mirror is produced by an extruded sheet of acrylic with all the benefits and properties of acrylic material. Acrylic resin pellets are heated to a molten mass, continuously pushed through a die, determining the thickness of the sheet produced. Once through the die, the molten mass loses temperature and can be trimmed and cut to the required sheet sizes. The continuous process helps produce larger batches of the required material, making acrylic more economical.

Key Features Of Acrylic Mirror

  • Hard Wearing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to Work
  • Lightweight
  • Mirror-like finish

How Is Mirrored Acrylic Made?

For any house, acrylic mirrors are a great choice for children's rooms as there are less likely to break. Even though the acrylic mirror is less costly, making its own mirrored acrylic can be relatively easy and economical. For making your acrylic mirror, all you need is a photo frame without glass, a thin sheet of plexi glass, silver foil, and clear glue. Here are the steps to follow

1. Pour a small amount of glue into a bowl and evaluate the thickness. The glue should have the consistency of white school glue, and you can thin down the glue using water.

2. Now, lay the plexi glass on a clean and dry surface. Now brush a very thin layer of glue onto the entire surface of the plexi glass.

3. Now, without wrinkles, place the silver foil on the plexi glass and smooth the foil onto the plexi glass surface. Make sure that there are no air bubbles and allow the glue to dry fully

4. After the glue has dried out fully, trim out any excess foil from the edges and place the plexi glass into the photo frame with the foiled side to the backside. Now your acrylic mirror is ready to use.

Typical Applications Of Acrylic Mirror

  • Furniture fixing
  • Display in Retail
  • Display and mode cases
  • Point of Sale
  • Signage
  • Glazing


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